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Having a Word for the year is a powerful reminder of the trajectory we'd like for the next 365 days. With this word, waking up is exciting, making decisions is easier, and purpose becomes manifest. What's your word ?

My word for 2020 was MAGIC - a product of connecting, growing and creating. This came at an important time in my life after leaving a 18 year career to pursue a passion as a visual artist & photographer. This word fused into the lexicon of the business, website, decks and communication. Magic was in the air and attracted an amazing team of people, sponsors and partners. Every client that left our studio began to experience magical changes in their lives, attracting new and exciting opportunities in their business. Art that would have the power to attract success! The camera felt more like a 3rd eye and the stylus-pen used while photoshopping felt like a wand.

My word for 2021 - AMPLIFY. In order to be truly successful, we have to begin doing great work, become the best in our field, and then SHARE our work for others to see. I aim to publish a book this year celebrating South African culture, being a mirror for others light, and whose imagery & stories will inspire others to create their own brand of magic.


= Helping others shine brighter

= Leaning more into the limelight, a space I've naturally shied away from

= Using art to raise greater funds and awareness for charitable causes

= International exposure

Are you Amped for 2021 ?

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