Photographs of AKA - a tribute

One of the greatest music legends in South African history has passed on. Kiernan's passing has deeply saddened me  as we had spent time in studio going deep into life and art. The photographs that follow provide a glimpse into AKA’s life, purpose and legacy.

AKA, Kiernan Forbes

LEGACY, featuring Kiernan Forbes. By Marc-Gregory


Kiernan spoke of his desire to play the piano but thought it would never be possible in his lifetime. We brought that idea to life – the piano and paint around him representing the limitless forms of creativity that are available to all of us.

MUSIC  by Marc-Gregory, featuring AKA (Kiernan Forbes)


In modern times, the name Babylon has taken on various meanings.  It is often used metaphorically to describe a place of great wealth, luxury, or power.  AKA utilized the name often in his music and viewed Babylon as a simulation, similar to the Matrix, that represents the pursuit of influence and material possessions and a place in which we are all currently living.

BABYLON by Marc-Gregory, featuring AKA (Kiernan Forbes)


Inspired by a lyric from his previous album, Bhovamania - "I’m a ghost, now you see me, now you don’t", Kiernan says, "If I'm there you feel my presence. I don't want to be in a place too long" 

GHOST  by Marc-Gregory, featuring AKA (Kiernan Forbes)


Maintaining his status as the king and remaining at the pinnacle required an immense amount of energy.

Supa Mega By Marc-Gregory, featuring AKA (Kiernan Forbes)

AKA's passing is a significant loss, and through these photographs, we are given a glimpse into his life, purpose, and legacy. While his passing is a reminder of life's fragility, his Purpose Portraits serve as a testament to his spirit and the lasting impact he has left behind.

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