Bryan Habana - Rising from the ashes

Having been a fan of Bryan Habana for some time, it was a dream come true when Bryan reached out to have his Purpose Portrait taken. Together, we celebrated his journey of purpose and transformation - from retired rugby star to successful entrepreneur. This artpiece recognizes rebirth, courage and the potential to fulfill our most audacious dreams.

Untitled photo

The process of beginning a Purpose Portrait always starts with one question, perhaps answer this for yourself:

“What is the most exciting and uncomfortable work you will be spending your time on over the next year?”

This question uncovers your purpose and passion. What are you dreaming of doing next that pushes you beyond your comfort zone?

For Bryan, he had launched a new business, Paymenow which teaches people to become financially savvy in order to create a better future for themselves. In Bryan's LinkedIn post he explains the significance of this artpiece – Rising from the ashes - his journey after retirement from pro rugby, a great read!

Untitled photo

Hundreds of photos were taken in studio to get to the perfect 2 images that would be used in developing his artpiece. Midjourney, an Artificial Intelligence tool was used to create the fiery Phoenix wings, and Photoshop brought all the elements together. From my first session with Bryan to producing this artpiece took 12 weeks.

Cheers for now !

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