Siv Ngesi

Ego Heart

How others see us can often provide a true mirror to who we are. It takes real courage to accept all sides. Someone once said of comedian and actor Siv Ngesi that “his heart is as big as his ego”. Consider how you'd receive that comment? In an interview, he admits he loves it.

The description of the man is equally as interesting as his reaction to it. Emily Thorne famously said, “There are two sides to every person. One that we reveal to the world and another we keep hidden inside”. Siv doesn’t keep that other self hidden. He doesn’t shy away from his darker side. He embraces it. It was this idea we captured in this photo fusing ego and heart.

Featuring: Siv Ngesi

Studio Lighting: Bekker-Brand Janse van Rensburg  and Dieter Bertram

Behind the scenes image : Dieter Bertram

Special thanks to Pamela Mtanga

Shot with Canon and Godox

Siv Ngesi
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