John Sanei


Life changed for me after I met John 3 years ago. I found myself in the company of someone that was pursuing wildly unattainable dreams. It seemed like everything he touched turned to gold. Bigger opportunities were falling from the sky every day. It was as if he had become a magnet for life’s blessings. Bestselling books. Television appearances. International speaking engagements. The world was opening itself up to him like a flower in heat. This wasn’t by luck or chance.

His first book “What’s your Moonshot” codified his experience so that others could enter into the same slipstream of success. The book both inspired and frustrated me - I wanted a moonshot but had no idea what it was. After asking John about this he said, “It’s simple. Follow your highest excitement”. I sat with that for months. How could following my highest excitement pay the bills? How could my highest excitement actually become a career that I continue to love even after the fact?

These questions were tricks of my mind and were my own self-limiting narratives. Only once I started to challenge those questions, did I realise that it was a fear response. Who says following your passion can’t bring you all of life’s riches, or that it will dilute your joy once it’s a career?

We are the architects of our future. Alchemists of our state of minds. We can design our lives in the way we want them. It starts with getting out of the jail of our minds and then realising that anything is possible.

I left my business to follow my highest excitement of taking mind-bending photographs. This photo of John encapsulates my experience of him. Expansive. Evolved. Elegant. He is a dear friend and an inspiration that’s truly helped me on my path to creating magic and attracting greatness.

Featuring: John Sanei

Lighting: Bekker-Brand Janse van Rensburg and Ricci Goldstein

Marc-Gregory and John Sanei
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