Farewell Mark Pilgrim

With sad hearts, we wish Mark Pilgrim farewell. Thank you for all that you have offered us along your journey – music, positivity, hope and joy.

Gone, but never forgotten.

Mark Pilgrim


Mark described one of his greatest life dreams as being on the radio. Mark was recently inducted into the South African Radio Awards Hall of Fame for his contribution to the radio industry.

Mark Pilgrim

Mark, photographed here in May 2022. Amazing shape at 53. He said, “Why should we wait for a health crisis to start taking care of our bodies?”

Untitled photo

The Emperor

Mark identified with the penguin in that it represents closeness, family and dreams. Emperor Penguins adapt to living in harsh Antarctic conditions and have the ability to survive without food for several months during the winter. Mark recognised that he was someone who never gave up when faced with adversity.

Mark Pilgrim

Emperor Penguins are also known for their dedicated parenting behavior. When asked, “How do you want the people you’ve touched to remember you?” Mark said “I’m proud of my achievements over the years, but I simply want to be remembered as the best Dad ever”. Mark was the father to 2 daughters, Tayla-Jean and Alyssa - their names tattooed on his arms.

Mark Pilgrim

Mark will be remembered for his professionalism, bravery and positivity while battling the odds. Our thoughts are always with you.

Mark Pilgrim

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