Transformation. Growth. Elevation.

Butterflies exhibit both grace and playfulness and are a powerful symbol despite their fragility. Candice Modiselle is joining me on a photographic journey as we publish a book on inspirational South African’s.

Butterflies come into this world through a process of disintegration – a caterpillar literally becomes goo in its cocoon as it goes through a metamorphosis – and then the final struggle as it emerges a butterfly.

In 2015 Candice was facing her biggest struggle as she battled to get her career off the ground, facing the bitterness of frequent rejection. In her words, “I had convinced myself that I wasn’t talented, beautiful or worthy. Everything that I thought I knew was dismantled before me, beyond my control. All I was left with was an overflowing cup of insecurities and a pocket full of hope”.

How does one, with a pocket full of hope become a butterfly? As human beings embarking on any new journey, we need to know 3 things – 1. What is the end result? 2. What does the journey look like? And 3. How long will this take? Candice knew 1 of those answers – that she wanted to be a star in the entertainment industry. The journey and duration were unknown. And so, like a caterpillar, Candice was so determined to fly that she was willing to give up being a caterpillar. She faced her struggles, pushing through her uncertainty, transforming into the talented performer, storyteller and social entrepreneur she is today.

It’s no wonder Candice chose a butterfly as her most iconic symbol, and what would become the inspiration for this photo. The butterfly is proof that we can go through a great deal of darkness and still become something beautiful.

Featuring: Candice Modiselle

Studio Lighting: Bekker-Brand Janse van Rensburg and Dieter Bertram

Special thanks to Dene Botha

Shot with Canon, Sigma and Godox

Candice Modiselle
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