How do you cope when you’re going through a major disruption in your life? Do you fight your way through it immediately? Or do you retract, and think about all the options? Covid has taught us how we individually cope with, and approach change.

I was inspired by Pepe Marais's dedication to growth during the pandemic, which inspired this dramatic image that appears as part of the #ingoodcompany fine art collection.

No stranger to facing disruption, one can only marvel at how Pepe transformed a bankrupt company into a flourishing R 700 million per-year enterprise, together with Gareth Leck and his partners. Today it is South Africa’s biggest independently run advertising agency – Joe Public.

How did he do it ? A mindset of GROWTH. This artpiece reminds us that during disruption we can always be growing.

Growth means we are open

Growth means we are curious

Growth means we are hopeful about the future

At the time of writing this Pepe is studying to complete his PHD, proving yet again that studying can be done at any time in life.

Start off your personal growth journey by deciding today to learning something new on a topic that excites you. The steps to greatness start with just one step, no matter how small.

If you’re not sure on what to learn next then I’d highly recommend reading Pepe’s bestselling book, Growing Greatness and also 20 Habits That Break Habits where you’ll learn more about the secrets to personal growth.

This artpiece, together with 32 South African Greats appears in the In Good Company book available from bookstores and You can also catch the art exhibit for a limited time only in Sandton City until 24 October.2021

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