How We Can See the Future

We're living through uncertainty. We're living through confusion. We're living through change.

We may not see the outcome clearly, and yet these are the greatest ingredients for a new vision of the future.

So, how do we develop this foresight ?

Marcel Proust said "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes"

Marcel was talking about how we step into change. Are we mindlessly looking for new opportunities? Or are we answering the question, "What do I really want"? When we can spend the time to meditate on this, uncertainty and confusion vanish, and our vision of the future clears up.

Featuring : Farah Fortune

Makeup: Naazi Laher

Studio Lighting: Bekker-Brand Janse van Rensburg and Dieter Bertram

Special thank`s to Dene Botha

Shot with Canon and Godox

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