One of the most uplifting experiences during the creation of the In Good Company book, was connecting with Micasa's J'Something. A soul that surrenders to the joy inherent in the world around him, he radiates a bokeh of positivity.

Having spent time with him in studio we discovered that the secret to attracting more joy in our lives is to become the joy magnet first. Gratitude and giving are two ingredients to achieving this. When we’re grateful for the things in our lives, we inhabit a space of joy and appreciation. When we express gratitude to others we spread that joy. Giving also plays a vital part in joy. The poet, Khalil Gibran said it best , “There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward.

J’Something’s recent Instagram post  tells us that despite the challenges being faced, we can still remain thankful for things like family, food and music. We’re reminded that “this is a mere chapter in our books and that this is indeed a GIFTED MOMENT, just to be!” 

Together with his band, and Reach For a Dream, J’s mission over the next year is to build a 'Dream Room' for kids with terminal illnesses to enjoy, play, have fun and explore music, while they endure and escape their reality. Bringing joy to those that need it most is one of the best gifts we have to offer.

Joy = Gratitude + Giving = Joy

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