Our Labels

Farah Fortune is one of the 34 South Africans that we are featuring in the upcoming book, “In Good Company”.

Farah’s story of success begins as a single mom. R1,000 in the bank. And an uncertain future as she embarked on creating a new business from the ground up. Fast forward 12 years where Farah presides over a successful public relations agency and is officially named Africa’s Most Influential Women in Media.

So, how did she do it? A clue to her success lies in how she is colloquially referred to as the “The Pitbull in Heels”. The nickname elicits an image of a powerful animal that takes ownership of what it wants. It is fierce. It does not care what it’s up against. And it thrives in life's viciousness. The label symbolises everything she has had to fight for in life. And yet still, she embraces the power of her femininity.

The people closest to Farah describe her in many more ways – the words appearing on her face. What we see is someone that is also inspiring, loving and a passionate leader that cares deeply about the people around her. Farah’s legacy proves that we don’t have to only be the aggressive pitbull in order to succeed and that we are more than our singular labels.

Eckhart Tolle described it best, “We are like the ocean. The wave, or ripple on top is what is seen, the physical manifestation”. Like the ocean, each of us has immeasurable depth. We are vast. We are deep. We are real.

Farah Fortune
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