In her podcast, Oprah talks about how to make decisions by always listening to the subtle signs and whispers that visit us all the time. These little signs are life’s messages that steer us in the right direction when we pay attention to them.

My first whisper came in 2006 in the form of a very special gift. What possessed Jason Glick to buy me a Canon camera ?? What did he notice? I had never taken photos before and had never shown signs of serious interest. It’s like buying a friend a guitar who has never shown attention to music. Jason’s intuition was spot on because it wasn’t long before I fell in love with taking photos. I only truly understood the power and significance of this gift, after photographing the birth of my son in 2011. Being present in the hospital theatre. Watching him emerge into the world. AND capturing it in this way was truly amazing.

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Having a son was fun and allowed me to explore creative ways to engage with him and reimagining pictures in exciting ways. It was an unexpected surprise when the Huffington Post UK contacted me to do a feature!

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A decade later I received a second gift by long time friend, Ronen Aires. He knew that with a top of the range Canon Mark III camera I could take my talents further, which I did while Gorilla Trekking in Uganda. Shortly afterwards the Sunday Times asked to feature these pictures on the travel cover.


I took advantage of my camera most while traveling, but none more than India. I’d never experienced a country of such hardship and poverty. It was challenging to take in at first. But the moment the camera viewfinder found my eye I was able to observe the hardship in its rawest and most beautiful way. It’s no wonder India is a favourite by the world's photographers as its beauty and magic outweigh its hardship. There’s always something interesting to see.

I was recently gifted my 3rd camera, this time by Canon. They had seen the work I’m producing for my book and generously supported me in order to create the highest quality work possible with the Canon EOS R. I feel truly blessed to be given the gift, opportunity and talent to producing work like this now.

So….the power of Gifts. Before you think, “What a lucky guy, I wish I could be that lucky” know that gifts are presenting themselves to you in different ways all the time. Oprah speaks of life whispering to you. The whispers may not be as dramatic to us, but in everyone’s life, it is happening all the time. She speaks about tracing back to the original whisper because things don’t just come out of the blue and happen. Life is about the energy coming your way, and it’s your job to be the observer, waking up and paying attention. It’s only now, looking back can I trace the gifts and whispers.

What has been whispering to you that you can wake up to?


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