Do we ever stop to think about how we share ourselves with others? We’re talking about self-expression, of course. Self-expression is a hallmark of an artist, and we’re all artists in some shape or form.

Neuroscience research is teaching us that self-expression might be the most important way we can connect, navigate and grow. Tapping into our self-expression perfectly has 5 core ingredients:

1. Desire

When we are really committed to growth, we never stop unearthing new aspects of self and self-expression.

2. Time

Carving out the time to intentionally express ourselves, whether that’s through music, writing, art or a hobby. Self-expression is a muscle that needs space to develop and expand.

3. Access to Creativity

Our own creativity is often inspired by other people's expressions of their amazing work. Unconsciously this fills up our self-expression tanks making us more able to break out of an inspiration rut.

4. Authenticity

Acting in alignment with our authentic selves not only feels great, it also activates the part of our brain that gives us greater access to our higher-order abilities like creative, innovative thinking, and problem-solving.

5. Lit

Feeling excited and lit is what it’s all about. Perfect self-expression never feels like work. Instead, it is a fun process that almost feels like play.

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