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Sigma - the Mac of lenses

Many photographers aim to produce amazing photo’s. And many overlook the experience they create for their clients. The small details matter - from the way they’re initially greeted to the photographic equipment being used. I’ve come to realise the value of having good looking gear. Like the Mac effect, when people see others working with an Apple product they think that person has the edge.

Great photographers want that edge. I first saw the Sigma 105m pro art lens when photographer Steve Castings used it in a demo. As he was mounting this lens there came a hush in the crowd and an awe inspired gasp as it was revealed in it’s full glory – this was a seriously big lens and I wasn’t the only one thinking “I have to have one !

At first it felt like holding a bazooka in studio. It was heavy and my shoulders ached after the first shoot. But the price was worth it. I have stronger biceps and shoulders. And incredible photo’s. But more so, the Sigma 105m lens sets the scene in studio. It anchors the experience for the model, celebrity or leader by implicitly saying – “You’re in Professional Hands”. Since then this has become a go-to lens for portraiture and close-up headshots.

Always remember, people are more likely to remember you from the way you made them feel in front of the camera versus receiving their final photo’s. The Sigma experience has helped me to add to an already positively charged experience.

My favourite Sigma 105m headshots this month. Models - 

Namka Zuma;

Shae Gossman

Destiny Okeke


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