It was May 2016 when one of my photos of an endangered Uganda Gorilla first appeared in The Sunday Times. It was an incredible moment as I hadn't truly realised the extent of my photographic talent being recognised in this way.

Today, four of my photos appeared in the same paper, what an honour! It was different this time, and where’s why:

1. Since that first photo, I left my marketing business to pursue my passion as a visual artist full-time. These art pieces reflect the creative evolution that happened once I had dedicated to the 2 year journey in creating the In Good Company fine-art collection.

2. These artpieces were backed by a bigger vision - to photograph South Africa's greatest people so that this could impact our country positively @reach_for_a_dream. Catherine Constantinides said it best, “When we light the candle of another, we take nothing away from our own light, we create more of it”

My friends, I have learnt that success comes when we dedicated ourselves fully to our passion. I’ve learnt to honour life’s talents by serving others with them first. And I’ve learnt that It's never too late to paint the canvas where our dreams can come true.

PS: The Art Exhibit is currently in the Sandton City Mall (Adjacent to The Diamond Walk) until 24 October

In Good Company, the book is available in all book store and online at

The Sunday Times with Marc-Gregory and  In Good Company
Sunday Times featuring Marc-Gregory's In Good Company art collection


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