Candice Modiselle

Suspension of Disbelief

Not everyone knows that actress, Candice Modiselle wanted to be a Trapeze artist growing up. She describes it as "the temporary suspension of disbelief for the audience and escape into a fictional world that I’m in love with. The rush and energy is inexplicable."  I feel the same way about photography - an image that can create a temporary suspension of disbelief for whoever sees it. This can be described in one word: MAGIC

When we shared with her the idea that we were going for an upside-down trapeze artist suspended in thin air at the photoshoot, I wasn’t sure she would go for it. After all, she isn’t a trapeze artist! To Candice’s credit her willingness to push herself into a new and uncomfortable space was something she embraced. During the shoot she contorted herself into the most beautiful and elegant of shapes, making this a truly magical shoot.

Featuring: Candice Modiselle

Studio Lighting: Bekker-Brand Janse van Rensburg  and Dieter Bertram

Behind the scenes image :  Dieter Bertram

Special thanks to Dene Botha

Shot with Canon and Godox

Candice Modiselle
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