The Highway of the Mind

Racing. Flowing. Stuck. Our minds can feel like a highway. Sometimes it’s flowing beautifully -thoughts moving like cars, reaching their destination with elegant ease. Other times it's gridlocked with so many thoughts that we can feel stuck.

Times of crisis force us to re-evaluate life and that is where our thoughts can run rampant. John F Kennedy said "Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction." He was talking about energy spent chasing the wrong things. But how do we figure out what the right decisions are to persue?

I spent much of last year becoming a student on purpose, devouring books and videos on the subject. Once this channel of discovery was opened, coupled with a mindfulness practise, the heavens opened and things cleared up. As the practise of sitting still with thoughts continued over the months, the more answers & gifts arrived. The mind’s highway began to flow harmoniously again.

In the current times a re-concentration of the mind is required inward. Jack Kornfield says "When we can look more clearly into ourselves and our life situation, new possibilities naturally open up"

Model: Tatenda Chido

Studio Lighting: Dieter Brand

Shot with Canon and Godox

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