Nadia Nakai

The Mask

The Mask While everyone is wearing cosmetic masks these days, there’s another type of mask that we’ve been wearing for most of our lives....

Nadia Nakai goes by the rapper pseudonym, Bragga. Bragga snarls as her right lip peels up revealing her pearly whites - she's ready to devour you. GROWRRR. Ferocious, voracious, antagonistic, and powerful. 2 million of her social media fans love her music and they love Bragga.

The result of this photoshoot was to capture the idea of an alter-ego which, when intentionally created, can become a powerful ally.

Featuring : Nadia Nakai

Makeup: Naazi Laher

Studio Lighting: Dieter Bertram

Special thanks to Thabo Ngwenya and Pamela Mtanga

Shot with Canon and Godox

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